Having Multiple Kids Is Not A Crime…It’s A Blessing

Have you ever looked at your toddler and wondered how in the world can people plan more than one child? Of course, you get double the kisses and hugs but why do they forget that the tiredness and demand get multiplied too!

Continued workload, cleaning the mess, taking care of the little ones, getting them ready for school, feeding them, etc. the work is never-ending and neither does the love and attention! Yes, the more children, the more money is needed, the more time consuming and tiring as well. Especially, in the case where both the parents step out to earn.

When you’ve mastered the art of parenting after raising one or two kids, having more children won’t seem so terrifying and troublesome because by then, you would acquire the skills that will make you feel like conquering the world. You are a great parent, and it does become more easier to get things done, no matter how many kids you add to your brood!

But, if you are paying more attention to the drawbacks, try knowing more about some of the basic advantages. There are plenty of plus points to having more than two children, want to know them?

Here is a list of 21 fun and realistic reasons as to why having multiple kids is not a crime, but instead It’s a blessing:

1.        You Become an Expert After The First Baby

When you are a mommy of one and are expecting your second baby, you are obvious about the shortcomings. You have all the knowledge in the world to get through this and stay relaxed. You get flashbacks of things from your first pregnancy, delivery, parenting, etc (if it’s not that late!).

2.        You Become Less Stressed and More Relaxed With Every Other Baby!

The studies say, parents of more than three kids worry less about everything and are more chilled out than others because they hardly find any time to worry! And large households are also linked with fewer mental problems in children. This is an interesting advantage; you get so much time with your little droplets of blessings that you barely get any time to stress about other worldly affairs.

3.        You Are Never Alone!

You will always find yourself surrounded by one gem or the other. This is another benefit of having multiple kids. In the heat of the moment yes, you may long for that alone time. But think about when you are swapping stories with another parent in the grocery line, or even with friends about not having time to even shower without at least one kid in the bathroom with you! You must admit, there is nothing more satisfying, and you wouldn’t change those moments for anything! More children imply never having a dull moment or a lonely one. You can rest assured that you have them whenever you need an extra hug or a fun time to chit chat.

4.        You Have Workout Partners

When you are not in a mood to hit the gym, get the kiddos that can help you complete your workout regime. Running after them and wondering whether you have burned enough calories or not counts right?

5.        You Become a Pro at Parenting

In the beginning, every mommy makes horrendous mistakes but with the second, third or fourth; you have learned through your mistakes and already are a super mommy at home! Mothers are great learners and learning from the previous mishaps that happened during the first baby only makes you more of a confident parent for the second and third babies.

6.        You Have Hundreds of Reasons to Pray

No wonder how grandmothers are always busy praying and asking for the best for their children. Guess, new age mommies are going to get a hard time in their old age. With only one child to pray for, mommies would have plenty of time to do otherwise!

7.        Bigger The Family, Happier It Is

Bigger families have the best kids as they are well disciplined and behave properly. If one of those kids is a little brat or thinks herself a diva, the other siblings are the ones to quickly put in her check gracefully before the world does because we all know how insensitive the world can be. In a world full of family planning theories, people must look for the advantages of having more than one child, they will not regret it!

8.        More Children Mean Meeting More People

When you go out for a walk, a run, or to the market, etc. you get to know a lot more people because of your children. It is weird to just pass by families who have 5 kids and not say something nice! Going to the school you become familiar with the staff and faculty, this can be a BIG plus when it comes to your child’s learning environment! Asked any teacher what is the one thing they want more than a raise? The answer is a better parent teach dialog. Being in the school system for a few years I have learnt that kids tend to stay more inline when they know their teacher and parents communicate. Having more children opens a whole world of possibilities when it comes to meeting potential teachers for your younger child, their friends, their friends’ parents, and the list goes on!

9.        They Keep You Active and Young!

More children result in more housework, more running and doing things. These kids act as your health insurance as they keep you energetic and active day and night. You would hardly get any break, relax, it is never going to be the same. But that’s ok, there’s nothing more rewarding than spending time nurturing your kids with the added bonus of improving your health!

Children grow really fast and then you can have all the time for yourself. Ever try to see yourself from your child’s perspective.

The more you have, the more you gain knowledge and experience. When they are getting older, they teach you so much more about the trends and new technologies.

10.     Birthdays And Vacations Become More Interesting

Parties and holidays would be full of noise and chaos all around but that is how they are supposed to be! What better than Christmas holidays filled with loads of fun and food on the table. If you are worried nobody shows up to the party, who cares? It is still no less than a party.

11.     You Are Organized and Reasonable

If you stay forgetful and carefree more often, having more than one kid can help you change your mindset. You become more efficient and productive when you have a big family to look after. There would be no place for being silly or spending time or money on things that do not matter.

12.     They Have the Same Interests as Yours

Not everybody but at least one of them would be sharing the same thoughts and passions with you! Having one child can be difficult to relate with as they might not share the same interests or likes and dislikes. You can do things together like baking, gardening, book reading, exploring new areas, etc.

13.     They Learn to Socialize Without many efforts

When you have one child or two, it becomes your job to teach them a lot of things but when you have more than 2 kids at home, they learn things on their own such as sharing, negotiating, making friends, socializing, etc. they learn with their siblings, as they have no option left!

Waiting for their turn, learning to share toys, understanding how to deal with situations at home, etc. Having one kid means you pamper them so much that they become spoilt for others. They expect the same pampering and care from society and when it does not happen the way they want, they get disappointed.

14.     Learn Negotiating on Their Own

You might call it conflict resolution but actually, children are capable of becoming more smart, resourceful, reasonable, and tougher in things they want. They know how to get their things done, may it be through persuasion or bribe, or small disputes; the idea always works. Having more kids mean more support in persuading us parents to giving them what they want and though it may not great for you as the parent. It does something to see people working together to achieve a common goal ESPECIALLY KIDS!

15.     They Remind You That You Are Their Version of Perfect

Nobody in this world is perfect, remember that! Mothers try their luck hard to always do things the right way for their kids but fall short at times, which is okay! You do not have to strive hard to be perfect every day for the kids. You will not be a perfect mother for the world, but you are the best version of a mother for your little ones. They look up to you and nobody loves them as you do, that is all that is needed. You need no validation from any outsider, and every-time you watch your little one smile, laugh or even sleep. Remember you are the best version of you!

16.     They Become Your Alarm Clock!

Yes, when you have more kids, alarm clocks do not wake you up, you are up on your own. Hundreds of things run in your head in the morning, the first few hours of the day are the busiest for moms. You hardly get any time for late morning sleep; those times are gone far! BUT having your little ones jump into bed and cuddling up next to you is golden.

17.     You Are Always Questioned About Everything

Having more kids means more curiosity to deal with every day. Kids are always curious about everything they see; they consider their mommies as their search engine and throw questions one after the other to find out answers. You are never out of questions and that might turn you into the human version of Google’s! Kids are always so proud of their parents, and when mommy has an answer for every question, no one else comes close.

18.     More Kids, More Fun in The House!

If you like pin-drop silence all the time, you are going to deal with a great change in your likes and dislikes because the more the kids mean there is a small party going on in your home all the time.

Running around the stairs, trying something new every day, messing the home, wrestling matches now and then with siblings, etc are common in day-to-day lives. When there is a party or you plan out for a vacation or an outing, it cannot get more fun than this. Your family is enough to give company to each other than waiting for others to join you, that is nice!

19.     They Help You Understand What Unconditional Love Is

Children are the core of every house; every parent loves their children like no other. No matter whether you have a small family or a football team at home, every child is important for their parents and each one holds a special place in their heart. Watching the kids express love towards each other in different ways such as sharing their toys, food or just anything at all is proof that there is still in the world and just imagine, you are contributing to that good.

The children will teach you to be selfless in showing love to the world through their little activities. They will make you think of what sacrificial love is, make you less of a selfish person, etc.

20.     They Will Look After You in Old Age

It is not a sure shot but mostly it is seen that when you have more children, someone would be visiting you when you get older. People make more babies today so that they can be taken care of in old age. But this seems to be vanishing these days as children, when grow up, leave behind their parents to become more advanced and move away to urban lands to settle. The fact is, society has put so much pressure on be independent that we become so focused on success we neglect the importance of family. when you have more than one child you can at least have hope that you won’t be left to die alone in a nursing home surrounded by strangers. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but it is the reality we face these days.

This needs a change, as parents when you get old you need a shoulder to depend upon, be there for your parents!

21.     More Children Mean More Grandchildren!

Parents with one or two children tend to suffer from empty nest syndrome in their old age which can be heart-breaking! When you have more children, not only will the younger ones be with you for a longer time, even if the elder ones are far away from pursuing college or a degree they will always come home to visit.

When these younger children will have their education, that would be the time when the elder ones are producing their own families. This way your house will be a hotchpotch all the time! Just like the way it was when you were raising your own little ones.

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