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Seven Blessings for you

Mo7herly  A promise that’s true…

Life is a journey filled with unexpected miracles that light up our path in the most unimaginable ways.

Being a young energetic and carefree girl I had never fathomed what my life had in store for me. Flying high in the magical realm of freedom and love I was pulled back to the world of reality in a jiffy.

Yes!! That’s how my life took a 360° turn.

I was a 21 year old student when I received this startling news. A tiny seed of life was  planted in my womb without any planning

“Motherhood” A beautiful yet most adventurous journey was chosen for me at an unexpected place and time.

How will I fulfill my responsibilities as a mother?  Will I be able to pursue my career with a child?  How will I take care of my baby without a degree or a place to live in?

These burning questions surfaced in my mind as my heart filled with a strange feeling. But I was lucky because my partner stood by me as strong support. He held my hand and soothed me with his comforting words. Bit by bit we started laying the foundations of a family.

From getting married to moving to our new house. We were growing up with real life experiences. My husband soon had to leave as he got posted in the military.

The picture-perfect pregnancy that all girls dream of doesn’t always turn out to be true. In my case, I had to spend those days battling with the difficulties on my own. The physical and emotional changes that occurred during pregnancy were overwhelming and managing the various symptoms and discomforts was difficult. But I sailed through with a hope of meeting my beautiful baby and the promise of all the joy and love she would bring.

9 months passed and finally came the time to hold my miracle baby. Her tiny nose, rosebud lips and her sweet smell took all my heart.

This was the moment that the carefree girl inside me grew up…I was a mother. The most prestigious title one could receive in this world.

The fears, pain and insecurities melted away and I was ready to face everything for her well being.

And this journey continued. We were blessed with seven pregnancies and six babies. The scar of losing one of my babies by a misscarriage is buried deep in my heart. But I feel blessed. Our children came into our lives to teach the lesson of love, patience and unwavering strength.

Today I stand tall and strong, embracing my motherhood with all the might. But it was not an easy journey. The day to day struggles amplified coupled with the societal stigma of a large family.

Receiving rueful comments labeling us as insensible parents just because we chose to welcome our seven children to the world with an open heart, pierced us.

Our decision was wrong in their eyes. But being a mother it was something that defined my life. Bearing pregnancies and giving birth to my babies was not easy but each of my children has a piece of my heart.

The support, love and comfort I deserved as a mother was absent. This deprivation created a void in my heart. I rooted for all the women who were dealing with their pregnancies with little to no emotional and physical support.

Experiencing negativity during these most crucial years transformed my vision of life. I decided to be the agent of change. To carve the path of solace for all the amazing women who are becoming mothers.

This is when Mo7herly, LLC was born. A brand with a deep-rooted passion to gift the comfort and love all mothers deserve.

Number 7 represents our 7 children. And also the seven promises Mo7herly, LLC makes to all the amazing mothers.








At Mo7herly we are determined to meet the needs and preferences of pregnant women who want to feel comfortable and confident during their pregnancy.

So during this beautiful and exciting time, they feel good about themselves and their bodies. We have stylish, functional and affordable outfits for every trimester.

Honor your growing body with super comfortable and chic maternity wear that’s not meant for “hiding the bump,” but flaunting it in the most graceful manner.